Leicester Coach Hire

The Leicester Coach Hire service is our premium facility and preferred by most medium to large groups which normally falls under the region of sixteen plus. The vehicle category falls under mini coaches, medium sized coaches and also larger buses which could even include double decker.

This service is more costly than a normal minibus and requires more expert guidance from ourselves. We work with some independent retailers who offer transportation under their peril. As a company who wishes to be cost effective, it is important for us to maintain a certain level of flexibility and balance this with the specified needs of the customer. Where third party firms are use we will appoint an internal manager who will organise the total process from beginning to the end.

As stated earlier, major corporations and larger establishments book this service and these include private and public firms. Our feedback from them has been excellent. We still welcome all groups and can even offer step by step guidance for booking.

During our busier times e.g. Easter, Christmas and bank holidays we experience a high number of telephone calls and we always advise customers to book well in advance but we will still exhaust our services.