Corporate Events minibus in Leicester, Coach Hire

When booking a conference in Leicester, it may be ideal to check out the Walker’s stadium first and foremost as it is a chief venue for the city. The stadium can cater for up to five hundred and fifty people and packages to suit individual needs can also be created. They offer ten rooms and also have free parking on offer. The menu has a large selection to choose form including teas, sports drinks, cookies etc. With prices ranging from £40 per person, this is both competitive and renowned.

High Port Conference Centre is available for the same events and this includes nine locations. The rooms on offer are the Senate, IT Room, Library and many more. The largest room being The Forum and this can hold up to 150 people.

Athena Leicester is also available for bookings and this is considered a groundbreaking venue. The interior is excellent to the extent that the whole arena is a modern décor. It can hold up to 1000 people and provides all equipment including tea and coffee. Other venues to look out for could be the City Rooms, Sky Plaza Hotel and also the Belmont Hotel.